Accessories made of fire hose

Our unique accessories made of recycled fire hose are your faithful companions and complete every outfit perfectly.


Pager case Roger

New in our shop and perfect for lifesavers

Pager case Roger is the perfect new companion for firefighters and lifesavers! Roger is made of sturdy recycled fire hose, which will keep your pager safe from drops and scratches. Roger's extra wide velcro fastener will assure effortless and one-handed access to your pager in case of any emergencies. The broad belt loop fits perfect with our heroes Bill & Bob or any regular sized belt. Get your unique pager case now!

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Pencil case Paul by Feuerwear

Just in case(s)

Our unique accessories made of recycled fire hose are always an eye-catcher.

They are not just made of recycled material but are also fashionable. Louis is the perfect addition to our current range of products. Toiletry bag Henry keeps all your care utensils safely stowed away. Paul used to service the fire department by transporting water – in its second life it now keeps the order of your writing utensils.

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Accessories made of fire hose

Feuerwear women's wallet Alan as a clutch

Did you know?

Alan also cuts a good figure as a clutch

Our spacious women’s wallet Alan offers enough room to accompany you on your nightly adventures!

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Bags made of fire hose

Every one of our bags made of fire hose is a one-of-a-kind piece. Robust & fashionable – the ideal companion for the missions in your life, both large and small.

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Smartphone & tablet cases made of fire hose

Protect your technical devices with cases made of robust fire hose. Unique, stylish and recycled.

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