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Robert Klüsener supports firefighter sports with Feuerwear


We support firefighter sports

Be it a stair climb or a fire station combat challenge – firefighter sports push the competitors to their limits. The only ones tougher than our products made of recycled fire hose are the firefighters themselves. And we have great respect for them, which is why we support these competitions.

fire fighte dragging fire hose


From the USA to Europe

Although these competitions originated in the USA, they are also enjoying increasing popularity in Europe. In a stair climb the firefighters must run up many flights of stairs in full gear as fast as they can. In the fire station they face off in several disciplines – dexterity, durability and speed – without any breaks. Activities include, for example, a race over a prescribed course carrying a 79-kilo dummy or a contest to roll up a fire hose at record-breaking speed.

Impressions KölnTurm Treppenlauf 23.07.2017

Impressions KölnTurm Treppenlauf 31.07.2016

Impressions of the Feuerwear Challenge 2014