Wallet Frank

Unique, practical, compact and robust - Frank is small enough for everything! Fits into almost any pocket and brings the fundamentals to the point.

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Wallet Alex

Unique, recycled, durable and compact – Alex is small enough for everything! A wallet that fits in almost any pocket and covers all the essentials.

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Handbag Phil

Show what you got! Handbag Phil made of genuine firefighting hose has personality. Phil’s sporty elegance is true dynamite for your outfit.

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Clutch Charlie

Casual over the shoulder or elegant in the hand. Clutch Charlies slim format with the elegant swing fits every look and is timeless, as well as indestructible through real fire hose.

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Key fob Sasha

Fancy companion, timeless accessory - key ring Sasha is the must-have in our women's collection made from fire hose with a vintage inspired embossed metal attachement.

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Backpack Elliot

Backpack Elliot completes the collection with a minimalist, slim backpack. With its modern, minimalist design, the fire hose appears in its best light.

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Wallet Frank

Small enough for everything!

Wallet Alex

Small enough for everything!

Handbag Phil

Slim design with a handle

Clutch Charlie

Feminine accents in urban look

Key fob Sasha

With elegant vintage hardware

Backpack Elliot

Minimalism meets urban style

Portemonnaie Alan

Elegant style for the most important things

Backpack Elvis

Chic. Strong. Unique

Backpack Eddie

Versatile backpack with trendy rolltop-style

Backpack Eric

Striking design with a big buckle

Hip Bag Otis

Break free

Belt Bill

Casual belt in used-look

Shopping bag Dan

Spacious shopping companion

Pencil case Paul

The eye-catcher for the desk

Toiletry bag Henry

Dimensionally stable for tidiness and overview

Shoulder bag Larry

Small shoulder bag for every day

Shoulder bag Carl

Medium shoulder bag for every day

Shoulder bag Jack

Long shoulder bag for every day

Shoulder bag Walter

Large shoulder bag for every day

Messenger Bag Gordon

For cyclists available - 2 sizes

Laptop bag Scott

For laptops with 13'', 15'' or 17''

Gym bag Harris

You can do it! With Harris M or L

Shoulder pad Tom

Extra comfort for all bags

Organizer Pete

Organizes documents
in A5 or A4

Pager case Roger

For the firefighter in you

Key chain Nick

The key chain for firefighters

Wallet Tyler

Fits everything you need

Wallet Fred

Waller in a strong style

Organizer pouch Louis

All small parts under control -
in S or M

Smartphone case Mitch

Robust protection for your smartphone

Tablet sleeve Rob

Case with standing function in 2 sizes

Always fits:
The Feuerwear voucher!

Each of our products is a unique piece with its own fire brigade history. Imprints, test numbers and individual traces of use make each Feuerwear product unique. With a Feuerwear voucher, the recipient can choose the unique item for himself. A gift for real individualists.

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Every Feuerwear product tells its own, heroic story

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