New: wallet Frank

Lots of room in small dimensions. Everything has its place and is easily accessible when you flip the wallet open. Unique, practical and as always made of durable fire hose.

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Mitch 12 for your iPhone 12

Protect your new iPhone with a uniquely robust case made of recycled fire hose.

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Here at last: wallet Alex

Unique, recycled, durable and compact – Alex is small enough for everything! A wallet that fits in almost any pocket and covers all the essentials.

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Backpack Elliot

Brand-new: no frills and to the point. The basic principle behind Elliot is “reduce, reuse, recycle” with a main focus on the recycled fire hose.

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Handbag Phil

The exciting mix of sturdy firehose, soft interior lining and high-quality hardware can be combined like no other with all your outfits. Discover the sporty elegance of Phil.

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Unique products made of fire hose

We produce one-of-a-kind products from fire hose that have saved lives for many years, while withstanding heat and fire.


Unique products made of fire hose

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Wallet Frank

Brand-new and compact

Frank brings lots of space to small dimensions with its clever design. Everything has its place in the smallest space and is easily accessible when you flip the wallet open. And Frank has literally gone through fire for you.
The exterior is made as always from recycled fire hose. This makes Frank a robust one-of-a-kind product, which will accompany you for many years. This is good for the environment and your wallet – literally.

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Brand-new and compact – wallet Alex

Our new wallet. With six card slots, two compartments for bills and a zippered one for coins, Alex covers all the essentials. Spacious on the inside and compact on the outside. A wallet that fits into almost any pocket.

On 4 November, Frank – the compact version of Fred – will also join our wallet family.

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Backpack Elliot

Everything you need for take-off

Finally the days are getting longer, outside it’s warmer and brighter. If you’re full of energy and ready to jump into springtime, backpack Elliot is your dependable companion. Whether you’re at the uni or in an apprenticeship, at work or pursuing a hobby, with its modern design Elliot makes it easy to take everything you need with you. Not only is this a robust and dependable companion everywhere you go, with its minimalist look it appeals to men and women alike.

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Key fob Sasha

For your everyday missions

We’d like to introduce a new product as part of our women's collection: key fob Sasha! This classy key fob is made of original firefighting hose and metal with a vintage look, which makes Sasha a real eye-catcher and truly one-of-a-kind!

You can casually grab the loop to fish your keys from your bag – making Sasha the ideal companion for your clutch Charlie or the upcoming Phil handbag.

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Clutch Charlie

Dynamite for your outfit

Clutch Charlie marks the start of the new women’s collection with a brand-new product design. Charlie is now available in the hose colors red, white or black – each one is absolutely unique!

Clutch Charlie comes with a handy detachable carrying strap. This way, you can carry Charlie elegantly in your hand or simply hang the clutch on your shoulder like a slim evening bag – just the way you like it.

This clutch is designed to add that extra edge to your outfit. Want to kick it up a notch? Then fine-tune your look with another unique accessory made of fire hose – key fob Sasha!

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Handbag Phil

And even more dynamite for your outfit!

The highlight of our new women’s collection is now waiting for you in our shop. Handbag Phil will quickly become your favorite companion on shopping sprees downtown or when meeting up with friends at the café. Phil can be slung casually over your shoulder on its removable strap or held elegantly by its shapely handle.

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All-round protection with smartphone case Mitch

For your new iPhone 11

All-round protection right from the start, for the new iPhone 11 models. With our smartphone case Mitch made of used fire hose, your iPhone is protected from splashes of water, scratches and damage through dropping. The interior of the smartphone case has a microfiber lining, which keeps your screen and new camera system safe. It also wipes fingerprints off your screen every time you pull your phone out.

We have the right smartphone case Mitch for every iPhone 11 model:

  • Mitch 9 for iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Mitch 11 for iPhone 11 Pro
  • Mitch 13 for iPhone 11
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Men's wallet Fred

Everything you need

Men’s wallet Fred holds all your valuables for you. Whether cash, credit card or ID card, with Fred you won’t forget anything at home. The special feature: removable card slots! Leave all your credit cards at home in a safe place and head into your carefree men’s weekend or to the next party.

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Unique products

We produce one-of-a-kind products from fire hose that has saved lives for many years, while withstanding heat and fire. this has left traces which make every product unique. For this reason we photograph every product individually for our online shop. Find your one-of-a-kind product now!