Key Fob Sasha

Sasha is a must-have accessory made of fire hose and sophisticated metal in a vintage look! Sasha perfectly matches Charlie and Phil from our new women’s collection.


In the past: real firefighting hose
Today: unique key fob!

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New collection, perfect accessory!

Fits right in: Sasha is the classy companion for our new women’s collection.

Sasha in red:
Draws all eyes with self-confidence

Sasha in black:
Humble and classy

One-of-a-kind look with a unique history – just like you!

Sasha in white:
Goes with any idea

A brand new Feuerwear design

To make Sasha, the special basic material fire hose is formed into an elegantly cut loop and finished with a classic black border. This new, timelessly simple Feuerwear look gives the star of the show room to breathe: real fire hose, indestructible and with a big heart.

Classy metal accents

The carabiners and metal elements have a discreet, sophisticated vintage look that perfectly matches the traces of use on the fire hose. The metal top is embossed with the Feuerwear logo, which captures tiny light reflections with its slight curvature.

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Handy hardware

You can casually grab the loop to fish your keys from your bag or key holder. Sasha turns alongside the key in the lock, as its key ring is flexibly fixed to the loop.

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Sasha in 3D!

Tap or click to view Charlie from all angles.
Zoom with two fingers or your mouse wheel.

& weight

  • Outside dimensions (HxWxD): 14.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Key ring diameter: 2.9 cm
  • Weight: 35 g

Choose your one-of-a-kind Sasha!

Fire hose with original traces of use. Now available as a classy key fob.


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