Wallet Alex in its everyday use
Wallet Fred in red
Wallet Fred - the wallet for the rest of your life
Wallet Fred - the wallet for the rest of your life

Wallets made of fire hose

Individual traces of use. Sturdy, practical and produced sustainably. All of this speaks for our wallets – not to mention the interested looks you’ll get at the checkout.


We’re expanding our range of products!

Alex and Frank. These two compact formats are joining our wallet family and are here to support your digital lifestyle. As always, available in white, black or red.

Wallets Alex & Frank expand our sortiment

Alex and Frank

New and compact

Today’s important documents usually have a debit card format. And instead of using debit cards, many people are using their smartphones. Everything is changing. Everything is becoming more compact.

So are our wallets. Which is why we present you with Alex and Frank, the space-saving siblings of Alan and Fred!

They are just as unique and sturdy. But more compact.

Alex will be available in our shop from 21 October and Frank from 4 November.

Five wallets for every purpose

Wallet Frank in white

Wallet Frank

Frank stands for functionality – which says it all. All your bills, coins and up to 7 cards can be easily stowed away. A convenient card compartment with a pull-out tab holds 4 cards for quick access. There is an additional compartment for three more cards.

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Wallet Fred in red

Wallet Fred

Our bestseller in a distinctive look with a removable card holder. Wallet Fred offers space for up to 22 cards and has a separate coin pocket. The individual traces of use of the fire hose give Fred the finishing touch.

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Wallet Alex in black

Wallet Alex

Alex is the handier version of Alan. Its exterior is made entirely from fire hose with a zipper running along the edges. Inside are two compartments for bills, one for coins and six card slots.

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Women’s wallet Alan in white

Women’s wallet Alan

The spacious women’s wallet, providing all the room you need not only for your cash and cards but your essentials as well. It can also be used as a clutch!

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Wallet Tyler in red

Wallet Tyler

The wallet made of fire hose in a folding design has two spacious cash pockets and a window compartment for optimal overview.

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Every wallet is field-tested and unique

Your new wallet went through fire for you

After years of saving lives and fulfilling its duty, the fire hose is given a new purpose. We turn it into sturdy and sustainable wallets, which still bear the traces of their heroic past.

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Wallet Fred in classical red

Wallet Fred

Everything you need

Wallet Fred keeps all your valuables safe: 11 card slots provide space for your ID card, driver’s license and other important cards. Each card slot can hold 2 cards, for a total of 22 cards. Fred slims down for you. With 11 card slots including a removable insert for 8 credit cards, you can leave the ones you don’t need at home in a safe place.

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Wallet Alan is practical for every use

Women's wallet Alan

Spacious and made of fire hose

The spacious women’s wallet is the biggest one in our range of wallets. EC cards, credit cards, assorted customer loyalty cards, cash, driver’s license, ID card, insurance card and everything else you need. Your women's wallet becomes the perfect escort for the days and evenings. For parties and long club nights, you can repurpose your Alan by Feuerwear to use as a clutch.

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