Upcycling fire hoses


Social and ecological sustainability is the basis for our production

The Feuerwear concept is based on our mission to make new products out of used material. This so-called upcycling forms the basis of our production. In 2012 the TÜV Rheinland certification agency created an ecological balance sheet for Feuerwear.

Resource-saving production

This evaluation proves that we make a considerable contribution towards environmental protection through upcycling of fire hoses and PVC tarpaulins. We save precious energy and resources that would otherwise be used in the manufacture of new materials.

Sustainability as our basis

But upcycling alone isn’t enough for us. We try to operate as sustainably as possible in everything we do. We counterbalance the CO2 emissions that result from the transport and shipping of our products with climate projects. We use green electricity from Greenpeace Energy. Our firehoses are scrubbed clean with sustainable cleaning agents made from renewable raw materials.

Recycling process at Feuerwear

Peta approved vegan logo

PETA Approved Vegan

Feuerwear products contain no materials of animal origin

Feuerwear has been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan Award by PETA. This means that no anmial has suffered since no animal products or ingredients are used in the production of our bags, belts and wallets.