Product photos: When I select a bag in the online shop and order it, will the bag really look exactly like it did in the picture or are those just examples?

You receive the exact same product that you see in the picture. Every product in the online shop is individually photographed by us and given its own number. All the products in the shop are one-of-a-kind and absolutely unique.

I'd like to have a product with a certain marking on it or in a specific color. But I couldn’t find any products with that marking it in the shop. What should I do?

Simply sign up for our new product alert. That way you will be informed automatically by e-mail as soon as new one-of-a-kind products arrive in the online shop. With a bit of luck you will soon find the product you’re looking for. You can sign up for the new product alert here.

Are you looking for our neon yellow Lightline product? Find out more about our Lightline edition!

Will a laptop with a 15.4" screen fit in the Scott 15 bag?

The inside dimensions of the laptop sleeve of the Scott 15 are 28 × 37.5 × 3-4.5 cm. Please compare these with the outside dimensions of your laptop to be sure that your laptop will fit in the Scott 15. If not, we recommend that you order Scott 15’s big brother, Scott 17.

Length of belts

Bill and Bob can be individually adjusted to any length. Just remove the buckle, cut the belt to the desired length with a pair of scissors and replace the buckle.

Can I send you a hose of my own to have a Feuerwear product made out of it?

No, unfortunately that's not possible.

My Mitch case doesn't fit. What could be the problem?

The Mitch specifications refer solely to the size of the smartphone. The use of additional cases, sleeves or silicon bumpers make your smartphone bigger, which is why your Mitch might not fit.

Product care


Fraying: My belt / wallet / bag is fraying. Is it ruined?

No. Your product isn’t ruined. Any fraying will stop at the seam. Which means you basically don’t have to do a thing. We purposely don’t add trim to certain products, for example our Bill belts, the lower edge of the Ted wallet or the overlapping layer of hose on Walter bags. The resulting fringes create a used look that is part of the Feuerwear design. If you don’t like the fringes, simply cut them off. But please don’t use a lighter! A flame could burn the seam and damage your product.

Washing: Can I wash my bag / wallet / belt?

The hose can be easily wiped clean with a  damp cloth. Should your Feuerwear product  be heavily soiled, you can also put it in your  washing machine. Please use a no-spin cycle  on max. 30 C and never put your product in  the dryer. Spinning or drying this way could  damage the seams.