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New zippered heroes in various sizes are available now. Take a look at our new product range.

Unikat aus gebrauchtem Feuerwehrschlauch
Feuerwear pencil case
Feuerwear organizer pouch
Feuerwear toiletry bag
Recycled Firehose

Toiletry bag Henry, pencil case Paul and organizer pouch Louis in two different sizes

All good things...

Organization as easy as one-two-three

The heroes, toiletry bag Henry, organizer pouch Louis and pencil case Paul, made from fire hose watch out for important things of yours that can easily get lost. In February, March and April we introduced the new members of our team. Of course, each hero is made from recycled fire hose and is a unique product with one-of-a-kind traces from past missions.

Toiletry bag Henry

Toiletry bag Henry really hangs in there for you

Whether on vacation, a business trip or at the gym: Henry is the sturdy bag for all your toiletries. Since it has a flexible hook, you can hang it next to wherever you work. This ensures quick access when you're on a mission.

More about Henry Henry in our Shop

Organizer pouch Louis

The organization all-rounder

To be best prepared for your everyday missions you often change your bag or backpack. But do all your keys, tools, memory cards and other practical stuff make the switch every time? Organizer pouch Louis is available in two different sizes, three different colors and has a solid stability due to his bottom fold.

More about Louis Louis in our Shop

Pencil case Paul

Well-rounded hero

Pencil case Paul is the hero for students, experienced office workers, hobby writers, fire fighters or firemen-to-be. From now on you can call in the backup! Every Paul pencil case is a guaranteed unique product due to its individual traces of past missions.

More about Paul Pauls Shop page

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