Upcycling dog collar Timmy
Upcycling dog collar Timmy

Dog collar Timmy

Introducing our eco-conscious dog collar, crafted from upcycled firehose material. Stylish, durable, and available in 5 sizes for all breeds.


Features overview

  • Outer layer made from recycled fire hose material
  • Inner layer with spacer fabric for exceptional comfort
  • Adjust the length precisely to your dog's size with the continuously adjustable three-bar buckle
  • Robust stainless steel ring for leash attachment
  • Secure buckle closure
  • The durable material is easy to clean quickly and easily

The first dog collar made of fire hose: Timmy

A collar as unique as your furry companion

Timmy dog collar is the first dog collar made from recycled fire hose. Available in five sizes and three colors, our Timmy dog collar is the hero for all furry friends! Whether in the woods, by the water, or in the mud - the material can withstand a lot and is easy to clean quickly

Timmy S

Neck circumference: 35-40 cm

Timmy M

Neck circumference: 40-45 cm

Timmy L

Neck circumference: 45-50 cm

Timmy XL

Neck circumference: 50-55 cm

Timmy XXL

Neck circumference: 55-60 cm

This is how you determine the right size

1.Take a measuring tape or a long piece of paper.

2.Wrap it around your dog's neck, leaving two fingers' space

3.Read the measurement on the tape or measure the paper piece with a ruler. Then choose the appropriate "Timmy" size from the list. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

Robust and comfortable

Timmy dog collar is closed with a sturdy buckle. The stainless steel ring for leash attachment is located right next to the buckle. The length of the collar can be adjusted up to 5 cm using the convenient three-bar buckle. This allows Timmy to perfectly fit your four-legged companion's size. Even under heavy strain, Timmy keeps your dog securely on the leash. For exceptional comfort, Timmy is equipped with spacer fabric on the inside. This protects your dog's neck, ensuring your furry friend feels comfortable all around.

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 Care tips for Timmy

Care tips for Timmy

The special material makes Timmy a robust and long-lasting dog collar. Since the fire hose used is designed for use in mud and rain, Timmy can handle dirt and weather with ease. It is also safe for use in saltwater without any concerns. If Timmy gets dirty, you can simply rinse it off with clear water. For heavier soiling, you can clean Timmy in the washing machine using mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Please use a laundry bag to protect the washing machine drum. Avoid ironing, bleaching, tumble drying, or dry cleaning Timmy - this way, you will enjoy Timmy for a long time!

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Timmy in 3D

Tap or click to view Timmy from all angles. Zoom in or out using two fingers or the scroll wheel.


  • All collars have a width of 3.8 cm. 
  • All weight in Gramms
  • Neck circumference Timmy S: 35-40 cm, Weight: 85
  • Neck circumference Timmy M: 40-45 cm, Weight: 90 
  • Neck circumference Timmy L: 45-50 cm, Weight: 95 
  • Neck circumference Timmy XL: 50-55 cm, Weight: 100 
  • Neck circumference Timmy XXL: 55-60 cm, Weight: 105
  • Laboratory-tested tensile strength of 300 kg.

Our Material: recycled fire hose

Every piece is unique

The material of the toiletry bag is extremely tough – it has already served on heroic missions for the fire department. Henry by Feuerwear is a one-of-a-kind product and as unique as you are.

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