Durable and robust: fire hose

Fire hose

The firehoses have been dragged through rubble and mud and had to withstand flames and heat and transport many thousands of cubic metres of water.

Perform heroic acts everyday: firefighters

The material of the heroes

Every Feuerwear product has its own individual story to tell. Before being processed, the fire hoses performed heroic acts and saved many lifes during their duty together with brave firefighters.

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Fire hose

Fire hose has the ideal quality for meeting our high standards. Thanks to the high-tensile polyester yarn on the outside and the rubber lining, the material is extremely tough and durable.

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Types and sizes of fire hose

Types of fire hose

Fire hose can be roughly categorized into two types. Suction hoses, through which water is drawn by a pump and high-pressure hoses through which water is propelled from the pump to the nozzle.

Using high-pressure hoses

Since the high-pressure hose must withstand more pressure than the suction hoses, they must be inspected after every mission. If they become defective, they are culled and with a little luck are given a second tour of duty as a Feuerwear product.

Different sizes

There are various sizes of fire hose. The most commonly used sizes are Type C and B high-pressure hoses. These are the hoses we use for most of our products.

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Red, white and


Unique products in red, white and black

In Germany, fire hoses usually come in two colours: red and white. That’s why most of our products are available in these two colours. To produce Feuerwear products in black, we turn the hose inside-out. The hoses are lined with black rubber. That's how we add black as our third product colour.


Yellow alert

Many fire departments have recently begun using so-called signal or safety colours: neon yellow or black-and-yellow striped. But as these hoses haven't been in use for a very long time, there aren’t enough of them being culled to list yellow as a standard colour in our product range.

Lightline Limited edition

But we collect what we can get and once a year we bring out a special "Lightline" Limited Edition of signal yellow products, which are available for a short time in our online shop and from select dealers.

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