Belt Bill

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Belt Bill by Feuerwear made of recycled fire hose with a nickel-free open-face buckle. Can be shortened individually, reinforced belt ends. Length: 130 cm.

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  • individually adjustable length
  • reinforced belt ends
  • closing: nickel-free open-face buckle

Measurements (HxWxD)

4 cm x 130 cm
Weight: 210 g


    • 02/04/2021 - 04:17 pm

      This is the second Feuerwear product I have. The first one has been a wallet.
      I got the belt from my wife last Christmas. It made me really happy. It is nice and resistant. Well done.

    • 07/31/2020 - 12:46 pm

      I got my Eric bag around 10th may 2017. Since then, it became my everyday bag, and as of today (31th july of 2020), it still looks and holds as good as "new". I do not particularly take care of it, I'd even say that since it's so robust I even take a little less care of it than my former bag. I bring it literally everywhere: at work, on week-ends, on bike rides, on hikes, when I'm out for shopping, when I go out in the city... It's simple: I have it on my back nearly everytime I'm out of my house or out of my office. It replaced everything but my wallet. I put it into the washing machine two times since I bought it to clean it thoroughly. I initially chose the Eric because its size was a perfect match to hold my Thinkpad x260 plus other stuff I needed for work, but now I stuff everything inside, and it can hold so much thanks to the extensible opening. I didn't used the "velcro" that holds the belt of the buckle much (around 100 cycles), so it's still very good, I don't know about intense use though. The buckle though was intensively used, I think it went over 1k cycles but it still have a strong grip. I highly recommend this product, I got it for 169€ and it is more than worth it.

    • 01/25/2020 - 06:18 pm

      Joli, assez grand pour une journée et très bonne qualité.

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