New products in the 2018 collection:

Harris is our gym bag and available in our Lightline collection

Gym bag Harris

Our hip bag Otis was also available in the Lightline collection

Hip bag Otis

our pager case roger had it's debut in the Lightline

Pager case Roger

These three newcomers were available for the first time in 2018 in the limited neon-yellow collection. We are excited for the 2019 collection.

carefully tailoring the rare yellow fire hose for new unique products

What is the Lightline special edition?

Unique colour, once a year

Neon yellow fire hose - a real eye-catcher for your outfit. Since the neon-yellow hose isn't used that often in german fire departments, it is pretty hard to get. We collect these treasures separately and then produce unique products in neon yellow once a year for the legendary Lightline special edition!

It doesn't get any more yellow

Lightline special edition 2018

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Throwback to our Lightline collection 2018

Laptop bag Scott 13"

Laptop bag Scott 15"

Laptop bag Scott 17"

Shoulder bag Larry

Shoulder bag Carl

Shoulder bag Jack

Shoulder bag Walter

Backpack Elvis

Backpack Eric

Belt Bill

Key chain Nick

Organizer Pete A4

Organizer Pete A5

Men's wallet Fred

Women's wallet Alan

Wallet Tyler

Toiletry bag Henry

Organizer pouch Louis S

Organizer pouch Louis M

Pencil case Paul

Hip bag Otis

Pager case Roger

Smartphone case Mitch 6

Smartphone case Mitch 8

Smartphone case Mitch 9

Smartphone case Mitch 11

Smartphone case Mitch 12

Shoulder pad Tom

Messenger bag Gordon 15l

Messenger bag Gordon 18l

Tablet sleeve Rob 1

Tablet sleeve Rob 2

Gym bag Harris M

Gym bag Harris L