Bags made of firehose

The Scott 17 messenger bag is suitable for all laptops and MacBooks with screens up to 17" - with a practical waist belt for cyclists.

Laptop bag Scott 15 is suitable for all notebooks and MacBooks with screens up to 15"or as a messenger bag for every day. With a practical waist belt for cyclists.

Laptp bag Scott 13 from recycled fire-hose is suitable for all notebooks, MacBooks and netbooks with screens up to 13". Also wearable as a messenger bag. Practical and

Handmade messenger bag Walter from recycled fire hose - tough, spacious and eco-friendly. For men and women.

The narrow handmade shoulder bag from used fire hose. Perfect for every day.

Carl completes the team of the Feuerwear messenger bags. Big enough to hold your wallet, mobile phone and keys, and small enough to take with you everywhere you go.

The trendy handmade handbag for individualists. Small and practical.

Tote bag Dan is the perfect ladies' shopping bag with lots of interesting details and functions.