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Women's wallet Alan made of recycled fire hose

Women's wallet Alan

Women's wallet Alan made of recycled fire hose is convincing due to its stylish design and many practical details. The wallet for women offers plenty of room for everything you need to take with you every day.

Unikat aus gebrauchtem Feuerwehrschlauch
Wallet Alan red
Wallet Alan white
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Recycled Firehose
Women's wallet Alan compartments


Everything in one spot for your next spending spree and long shopping trips with your best friend

EC cards, credit cards, assorted customer loyalty cards, cash, driver’s licence, ID card, insurance card and everything else you need. With 16 card slots, five large compartments for bills and an additional zippered pocket for coins, women's wallet Alan offers a lot space and helps you keep an overview at the checkout.

Women's wallet Alan made of robust fire hose

Robust fire hose

Protects all your important stuff

The sturdy fire hose protects your contents from damage, whether from spilled drinks, perfume, liquid make-up or other dangers lurking in your handbag. A zipper that runs around the outside of the wallet for women keeps all your important things safe.


Turn your women's wallet Alan into a small handbag

For parties and long club nights, you can repurpose your Alan by Feuerwear to use as a clutch. Take out your customer loyalty cards and other things you don’t need at the moment – throw in your mobile phone and a lip gloss and your women's wallet becomes the perfect escort for the evening.

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Dimensions & Weight

  • Outside dimensions (HxWxD): 10.0 cm x 20.0 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 290 g

Individual lettering and traces of use

Your women's wallet Alan is as unique as you are

The unique markings from numerous fire stations and traces of use in firefighting missions make every women's wallet Alan unique. Alan by Feuerwear is a one-of-a-kind product and as unique as you are.

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