Fire fighter portrait

Feuerwear Challenge

The Feuerwear Challenge is a contest under conditions similar to the missions of firefigthers. The goal is to run an obstacle course with stations that are similar to a firefigthing mission. Competitors must first hook up the water supply, then gain entry to the building, place the attack hose line, resuce a victim and finally fight the fire.

Review of Feuerwear Challenge 2014

Der Parcours

Fire fighter running with fire hose

1st task - Hook up water supply

Competitors must pick up the B hose by the first coupling and connect it to a collector pipe. Next they drag the hose by the other coupling a distance of 30m to a fire hydrant. There it is connected to a valve.

Fire fighter with hammer

2nd task - Forcible entry to a building

This station simulates breaking open a door with an axe. A 70 kilo beam must be moved on a forcible entry simulator using a 4 kilo sledge hammer.

Fire fighters on a platform

3rd task - Hose hoist

At the base of the 3-storey lies a 30-metre Type C hose roll. This must be shouldered and hoisted to the top of the tower. At the top it is placed in a container box and then two 15-metre Type C hose rolls are pulled up on a rope and must also be tossed in the box.

Fire fighter pulling a dummy

4th task - Victim rescue

The competitors now descend the stairs, touching each tread and holding on to the handrails! Once they reach the bottom, a 75-kilo dummy, simulating an injured person, must be picked up from the ground and dragged 30 metres around a cone.

Fire fighter releasing water

5th task - Firefighting

The competitors pick up the connected and water-filled nozzle, drag it a distance of 25 metres, break down a door, open the nozzle and fight the fire with water. Time is stopped when the fire has been extinguished.